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At the heart of Perda Rubja Composite’s commitment to excellence lies its Quality Control department. This division is staffed with highly qualified technicians who are trained to uphold the highest standards of precision and accuracy. Their expertise ensures that every product that leaves the workshop is of the utmost quality, meeting and often exceeding industry benchmarks.

One of the standout features of the Quality Control process is the meticulous visual inspection. The workshop boasts a dedicated light tunnel area, specifically designed to illuminate every nook and cranny of a product. This specialized environment ensures that even the minutest of flaws or inconsistencies are detected, ensuring that only flawless products reach the customers.

Dimensional checks form another critical aspect of the quality assurance process. The department is equipped with state-of-the-art tools like the Dea Delta and Dea Global, which are renowned for their precision measurements. Additionally, the Cam2 Platinum arm, a 7-axis laser scanarm, and the V2 provide unparalleled accuracy in capturing the dimensions of a wide range of products. Not to be left out, the Laser Tracker LEICA LTD 700 further amplifies the department’s capability to measure with precision, ensuring that every product aligns perfectly with its design specifications.

Beyond visual and dimensional checks, the Quality Control department also specializes in non-destructive tests. These tests are crucial in determining the internal integrity of a product without causing any damage. The XYLON FF35 CTSCAN is a prime example of the advanced technology employed for such tests. It provides detailed insights into the internal structure of materials, ensuring they meet the required standards. The Olympus Epoch 650 further complements this process, offering another layer of detailed inspection.

Light tunnel dedicated area

Dea Delta
Dea Global
Cam2 Platinum arm 7 axis laser scanarm
Laser Tracker LEICA LTD 700
Olympus Epoch 650

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Jessica Simon

Perda Rubja Composite surpassed my expectations with their exceptional quality and efficient services, making them the ideal choice for all my bespoke composite needs.

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